General Info, Hints and Tips

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General Info, Hints and Tips

Post  GreenLeaf on Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:34 pm

General Info, Hints and Tips

Is your country blocked?

Unfortunately since December 3rd 2007 Acclaim was made to block any new, non-North American accounts from playing 2Moons. There are no exceptions to this. However if you live within the North American region and you have run into this issue, please email outlining your issue and ask them to resolve it.

Want to report a hacker or botter?

To report any hackers, dil spammers or botters please be kind enough to take 1 or more clear screenshots depicting the situation and email it/them to We really appreciate any help we can get to rid the game of these people but 1 thing to remember do not post them on the forums as they will be removed and overlooked.

Uploading an image
If you ever need to upload an image for your forum signature or a screen shot for the media forum follow these easy steps

1. Visit or
2. Click browse, then locate the image/screenshot you wish to upload and click open
3. Click the “Host it” button to upload your image
4. To display the full image copy and paste the “hotlink for forums (1)” code into your new post or for your forum signature go to your profile page and paste in the signature box.
5. Click submit and you have successfully posted an image or created a signature =)[b]



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