April 29th patch Notes for 2Moons

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April 29th patch Notes for 2Moons

Post  SweetLeaf on Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:32 pm

Here is what is going on for tonights maintenance guys!!!

Per the folks at Global Dekaron, this week's maintenance.

The maintenance will be taking place at midnight between Wednesday, April 28, 2010 and Thursday, April 29, 2010 PDT (Pacific Daylight saving Time) / Thursday, April 29, 03:00 am EDT (Eastern Daylight saving Time)/ Thursday, April 29, 09:00 am CEST (Central European Summer Time)/ Thursday, April 29, 07:00 am GMT/UTC.

Please be aware that the servers will shut down during this period and if you do not logoff you may experience some loss of data.

The weekly Wednesday night (Midnight between Wednesday and Thursday) is the “Official Weekly Server Maintenance” for Dekaron. This maintenance is expected to last for approximately 03 hours.

The following will be updated during the weekly server maintenance on April 29th.

1. Current Event

Trieste Fishing Hero in Spring

The best season for fishing has come to Trieste!
Be a real angler catching special fishing prizes during the event period.

2. Completed Event

1) Good Day to Die – New Action Event

#Come and earn the glory of your server at DK Square!
Collected DK coins can be donated to NPC Berks at Braiken Castle and NPC Delkado at Loa Castle and double EXP for the Server will be applied.
#Who is the Greatest Hero at DK Square
1st ~ 10th place winners for each class will get the glory of representing each class.
#We welcome and support Dekaron beginners and Dekaron veterans.
We have prepared little giveaways for beginners as well as veterans
*The Begginner's package will be given during next weekly maintanence.
#Cash-back event
Bonus cash will be returned depending on how much item you bought.

2) Easter Day Special Edition/Easter Bunny On Sale!

#Easter Day Special Edition 1
Travel the Trieste with Mashimaro and Bugalu~!
#Easter Day Special Edition 2
Show others your fashion sense with 'Bunny Bunny Hairband' on Easter Day!

3. Fixed Contents

1) Option of Max critical gem will be fixed.

2) Quest item of Abyss quest (115 Lv) will be fixed.

3) Character names started with Z_/R_ will be fixed..

4) Deadfront[Baron] will be fixed.


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