[Notice] Acclaim 2Moons Account Transfer to GameHi

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[Notice] Acclaim 2Moons Account Transfer to GameHi

Post  DarkCujo! on Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:43 pm

(Okay ladies and gentlemen this is the moment we have all been waiting for read up and be ready for the 1st of september)

Dear Users

As the Acclaim’s license of 2Moons ends as of September 1st, 2010, in order to continue playing 2Moons, all Acclaim Users should be transferred to GameHi global service.

For your convenience, GameHi would like to do best for transferring accounts.

You may have a question about transferring your account.
Accordingly, GameHi informs you how to transfer your account from Acclaim Games to GameHi.

This account transfer Service will be available after the Acclaim 2Moons service ends.

* Account transfer

: First, you should click either “Account transfer” banner on webpage of GameHi (www.gamehi.com) or Acclaim Games.

To complete transferring your account, you should follow 3 steps.

1 step: accept for DB transfer and Terms of use
Enter your ID/PASSWORD that you have in AcclaimGames. Then accept the agreement.

2 step: Create new account
Please create new account on GameHi global web page.

3 step: Transfer complete
With correct information, you will see a message “Account transfer successfully completed”. Otherwise, you may solve the problem through Q&A page.

When you successfully finish account transfer, you need a confirmation through your email that you registered. With the transferred account, you will be able to continue to play the game with the same characters that you have in Acclaim server.

Please remember your Secret Question & Answer for your convenience. In case of either losing or leaking personal information, you may have a disadvantage to access your account.

* Information that will be transferred

The following information will be transferred to your new GameHi account.
- Character Level
- Character Grade
- Character status
- Character skills
- Pet and pet inventory
- Main Item (weapon / armor / accessory)
- All game items and Dils
- Guild info / friends list
- All Cash item Info

After account transfer, user can pay and charge game money for your cash items through PG companies in GameHi account. Please be aware that the Acclaim coins will not be transferred.

For your further information and support, please visit our 1:1 Q&A page.

Thank you.

- Global Dekaron Service Team -

( your |T| Admin Team thanks you for taking the time to read this post )

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