Account Transfer Aug 26th 2010

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Account Transfer Aug 26th 2010

Post  DarkCujo! on Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:56 am

Ok just to touch base on whats happening and a few links to make this easier for everyone

First i recommend trading all your gear that you care about over to an existing GameHi character (Just to be safe incase GameHi pulls a Failcclaim move and screws up)

I would recommend that everyone goes and makes a brand new email account for each of there acclaim logins, due to the fact that you can only register one login per email
I prefer GoogleMail myself accounts are free and i feel they are pretty secure

now i will post the links that will talk you through your account transfer step by step

How to perform account transfer

Breakdown of transfer info

Hopefully this will help everyone and lets all hope for the best

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