best 2moons conversations i ever had...

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best 2moons conversations i ever had...

Post  boom on Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:59 am

NismO : 103 owning
NismO : 9 ppl for 3?
CAPONE : war against |T|?!
TasteDaHat3 : u mad bro?
NismO : oops 2.. 1 dc'ed
NismO : nah just laughing
CAPONE : i love |T|
CAPONE : super fag guild
WipingYourAssAgain : xD
NismO : lo
LilTheos : lol
NismO : u were apart of us
CAPONE : never again
NismO : until u got denied by a girl
WipingYourAssAgain : Oo
struter : lets go guys...hehe
CAPONE : i was out long b4
NismO : lmao
BlakFlash : 2 many
TasteDaHat3 : hi wipi
WipingYourAssAgain : elo
LilTheos : why u putting his business out there like that?
struter : 3 bagis are too much
LilTheos : who kares nismo
NismO : lol denied over a cpu
CAPONE : it aint business lol
BlakFlash : funni think is dere atleast 2 ptz of em
LilTheos : nismo got no life capone is nismos life xD
NismO : too bad u cant get that cyber porn like theos and taste
CAPONE : lol
WipingYourAssAgain : lol
LilTheos : nismo knows all about capone thats not kreepy
struter : ^^
CAPONE : i love |T|
NismO : i know about u too baby
struter : cya fella...XD
LilTheos : i wouldnt doubt it
BlakFlash : l8a
NismO : wheres bull?
LilTheos : sit behind a komputer
NismO : oo yea in australia
WipingYourAssAgain : haha
WipingYourAssAgain : underthesand
LilTheos : stalk random ppl akross the glob
LilTheos : globe**
NismO : webcams arent real
iBountyHunter : ///
CAPONE : lol
LilTheos : you would know xD
NismO : i would definitely know
NismO : rez?
NismO : rez?
iBountyHunter : kill me
NismO : cmon
NismO : i hate T
WipingYourAssAgain : lol
NismO : =]
NismO : i like having a good time i guess
WipingYourAssAgain : thats why ur solo here Oo
WipingYourAssAgain : ur their puppet :p
WipingYourAssAgain : hiya simon !
NismO : nah im solo bc every1 is sleeping at 6am
xXs1m0nXx : :Dhihi
WipingYourAssAgain : dance with me :p
bolistik : nuu lame pt buff
NismO : lol y are u buffing?
NismO : no1 is coming out
bolistik : wewt
TasteDaHat3 : GG
NismO : so how much does she run u an hr?
NismO : 2 maybe 3 +9s
bolistik : noob seg
bolistik : die
WipingYourAssAgain : lol
LilTheos : D:
NismO : hey theos remember.. most of us are true players, ur just a su.cker

To TasteDaHat3 : im putting u guys on kos.. and im telling my leaders
From TasteDaHat3:noob ur guild has been kos
To TasteDaHat3 : no u were on allies idiot
From TasteDaHat3:no we werent u dumbass
From TasteDaHat3:whoever put us there is a retard we never been allies
To TasteDaHat3 : wow.. all this time i havent been attacking u guys
To TasteDaHat3 : i swear it said allies
To Nosferetus : u guys are kos now
To TasteDaHat3 : good night porkchop.. i wish i was high enough to be in ur guild
To TasteDaHat3 : but i dont have my wings =/
From TasteDaHat3:ty and gn


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mouth piece

Post  GreenLeaf on Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:10 am

How fail are they really , Let me win PVP or i dont go to SIEGE .. i LOLed little bit Very Happy



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