Action 7 Ak skill build

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Action 7 Ak skill build

Post  pipiru on Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:43 am

*Disregard all leftover skill points in the pictures, this is a Lv 160 Ak with the 'Knight' DKSQ rank build that will give you 177 SP, and it will have 1 SP leftover.

One Hand Skill Tree Explanation

Pretty Self Eplanatory, Nothing much to add except Sword Defense now goes to Lv 10 and lasts longer as you level the skill up,
Blind Jab also only adds 80% def at Lv 1 and 125% Def at Lv 10 (this could be wrong as the values were taken from a thread in the GH forums, but the pics are gone now)
Shield Mastery also now increases defense by 45% at Lv 10
Shield Shove is maxed since it can put opponents to sleep
* Point Target, the points in this skill can be moved around, up to Lv 3, this skill only gives 3% extra dmg on a target, while at Lv 5, the value increases to 5%.
* Feadol Launch, if you decided to go 2h also, you will pretty much use 2h skills more than 1h skills to deal dmg

Two Hand Skill Tree Eplanation

Buncha new skills in this tree, Fury of Rondow, Charged Shock, Guidance, and Violent Dash
Fury of Rondow, your new nuke thats a notch above Genocide, a must max
Charged Shock, another must max, it makes you run quickly to the target and stun sleeps them
Guidance, a buff that lasts forever with a ridiculous cooldown time, this skill increases accuracy and crit dmg
Violent Dash, think of this as a 5 hit whirlwind when maxed, first 3 hits are fairly quick, and last 2 are about Geno speed, nonetheless a good PvE skill

Attack Accel also goes to Lv 10 now T.T

Check out K4's thread for a better understanding of the new skills,

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